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A Note Two Self's New Release "Love Drunk"

By: Amanda Epstein

The almost acoustic “Love Drunk” track is a song that bridges the gap between pop and country music. Mike Richards, who goes by A Note Two Self, sings with a smooth and soothing voice in his new song. His tone is silky throughout the song with nods to early 90’s vocalists.

There is a nice build of instrumentals from beginning to end of the track. It starts off with a simple acoustic guitar, then incorporates in more instruments as it continues. The simplistic nature of the music intensifies the lyrics and meaning in his words. His use of repeating statements doesn’t over-explain the feelings, keeping it uncomplicated and easy.

There is an uplifting and poetic theme running through the lyrics. He sings about being “love drunk” in a relationship and feeling all of the powerful emotions that come with it. That feeling can make someone forget about all of the little details and responsibilities, focusing solely on the larger emotions.

Love songs are not in short supply, and this one is a refreshing addition to the mix.


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