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A Powerful New Album from Sarah Peacock

By Amanda E[stein

If you’re looking for an album that makes you think and feel, look no further than Sarah Peacock’s latest record. Burn The Witch was released in March of this year after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The power in Sarah’s voice comes in strong right from the very first track. The music in this album pulls notes from so many genres that it is hard to classify it. Americana music is such an amalgamation of sounds and this collection of songs fits under that broad umbrella.

After a bus fire back in 2016, Sarah learned just how much her fans were there and supported her. Her tribe, the name she’s given to her fans, rallied and helped her finish out the tour. Since then, her writing has become more raw and real.

The title track, “Burn The Witch” isn’t what it seems at first listen. On the surface it is about the Salem witch trials, but underneath it is about so much more. The whole song is one big metaphor for the world. In a world where people are looked down upon for one reason or another. This song brings to light a time in our history where a group of people turned on each other. It is not a far jump to see the correlation to the way marginalized groups of people are treated now. They may not be burned at physical stakes now, but the emotional and mental stakes are just as deadly.

Next comes “Keep Quiet”. This one will make you think about the people in your life. The secrets and lies in a family can tear it apart. Every family has their issues, but this song talks about the issue of not talking about things and keeping those secrets. “My stories are lifting the spell, and I’ll never keep quiet”. A heavy hitting song with a melody that sticks in the head.

Have you ever heard a song about a man on death row? That’s what “Thomas” is all about. Sarah points out that we’re all alike in many ways, even to the man on death row. Thomas may be on death row, but the one thing he craves is the touch, and connection, to another human. Don’t we all want that? The vocal and musical components of this song come together in a hauntingly beautiful way.

Music can be an emotional experience and raise your spirits. Track number nine, titled “Take A Little Time”, reminds us that things happen when they happen, and that you can’t force it. Life can throw curveballs and turn into something unexpected. Much like how this year isn’t going according to anyone’s plan. Its slow and strong music isn’t what a stereotypical encouraging song is, yet it manages to accomplish that feeling.

Then there’s the “Cool Kids”. That popular kid who seems to have the perfect life; what if they’re hiding a bad situation at home? The star of the football team whose parents don’t support them. Sarah sings about the kids who everyone looks up to, but no one knows the “source of the pain” they’re going through. It puts things in perspective and asks the listeners to look beyond the surface of how someone is acting.

Photo Credit: Anna Haas

I could go on and on about this album. All eleven tracks on this album are thought provoking and something that should be listened to and not just heard. Overall, this album pulls at heartstrings and emotions, all while working to expand worldviews. Sarah is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and storyteller, who’s not afraid to sing the truth.

This album is available everywhere. Digitally on Spotify and Itunes, as well as physical copies through her website.

Photo Credit: Anna Haas


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