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ADPTD Gives Us "Scared"

Photo Credit: Adam Geltch

Back in December, Adptd releases “Scared,” a moving single illustrating the polarizing sides of racism through her eyes. This is the second single off her debut EP set to release in 2022. Adptd pores her heart out into the chorus and makes you resonate with the message of the song; need not be scared. This is a callout to the racist that can’t get past what they see, just color.

“Scared is a politically and racially centered song. It relates to me being an African American woman experiencing things first hand and having to witness what other POC have to go through as well. It's tiring and exhausting. The Chorus speaks exactly the feelings, the verses are situations, and the bridge asks why it's happening where things should be.” - Josie Randle, Adptd

As a Latinx, I am proud to see more POC artists coming out and expressing their truths in the alternative community, and by doing so, they are creating a more inclusive environment for generations to come. Remember, the alternative community is not as whitewashed as it seems anymore but there is more that needs to be done still. I applaud Adptd for her contribution!!

Adptd is composed of Josie Randle (Singer, Song-writer, Guitarist, Producer) a woman of color who is in fact, adopted with a story to tell. She has had the pleasure of collabing with many friends and musicians globally as she has created this unique, emotive, alternative rock record in the Adptd Studio (aka bedroom). The debut EP 'Bedroom Walls', which will follow after a series of singles and visual representation, truly reflects off the walls themselves.

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By: Arlene Vivar



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