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AFTYN Will Be A “Cool Girl” For You

A simple, mellow beat starts off the new song out from folk duo AFTYN, “Cool Girl”.

The first thing that sticks out is the drum track over everything else. Musically, it becomes the focal point and gives a good sense of the passion she has for the subject matter in the song. The guitar lines are unassuming and simple, but in a way that allows the lyrics and message in the song to take center stage.

Her lyrics are uncomplicated, yet powerful and poignant. Women, in general, can be seen as a group of people that need to be quiet and not speak their mind. When it comes to business things, many times they’re not taken as seriously as their male counterparts. AFTYN seeks to shed light on this inequality and expose it for those who may never see it.

Being a woman in the music industry is hazardous road to walk. AFTYN puts it “in writing” for the world to see.



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