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Alexandra Finds Peace in Debut Single “Bad Stuff”

By: Michaela Norton

Trying to work through your thoughts and feelings post-breakup is never an easy task, but Alexandra’s new single “Bad Stuff” may help make it a little easier for you. The young singer-songwriter was born in Ohio, but currently lives in Dallas where she is working on her upcoming EP; she recently released the single “Winter.” The pop song “Bad Stuff” is a heartbreaking, but beautiful ode to Alexandra’s past relationship produced by Gabriel Neal Cummings. The song begins with Alexandra thinking fondly about her past relationship, wanting to be called babe, and laughs till she’s quickly hit with the bad memories, the bad stuff. She sings about remembering “arguing over the phone and not understanding the ways I (Alexandra) was sad.” But make no mistake. Alexandra is not resentful, yet she is ready to move on. “I just think about the bad stuff, and I feel better about losing you … don’t make it seem like such a loss” she reveals to the listener. The tempo of the song picks up with the chorus, adding to the feeling that she is okay. Though this song is about a loss, Alexandra’s vocals make it feel full. Her voice is the main instrument of this song with its wide range and expressive nature. Alexandra makes it easy for the listener to be honest themselves and find perspective on a confusing emotion. Next time a friend of mine is ready to move on from a relationship, I am definitely adding “Bad Stuff” to the breakup playlist.


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