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Amanda McCarthy Gets Vulnerable In New Release

The world has so many songs about exes and past relationships, but this one hit differently. Amanda McCarthy is a songwriter with a special knack for crafting songs. She sings from the heart and weaves exposed emotions into her lyrics and music. This new release is no different, though it may be one of her most vulnerable ones yet.

Listening to the song you can picture the tears and emotions as the dreamy melody works its way into your heart. Imagine her sitting there writing a letter as tears fall, or walking through a field alone and singing into the void. Instead of a song full of anger for being hurt, this is full of hope and genuine care.

Leaving an abusive relationship is never an easy thing to do, but to be able to look back with sadness and grief and not anger is unusual. Amanda sings this letter to her ex genuinely hoping they found help and peace in their life. Those little things that were issues, she hopes that they can find a way to fix that and find their own happiness and “Lifeline”.

With this song finally being finished and out in the world, she can close the book on that chapter of her life and look forward to the happiness coming her way.

“Lifeline was years in the making,” McCarthy reflects. “I tried to write this song for years, and while I had bits and pieces that I knew would shape the song, I had trouble filling in the gaps. I figured the world didn’t need another song about my ex, so I tried to forget about it, but my brain kept coming back to this song. Luckily, with the help of my co-writers (Tom Shubsda and Matthew Butter), I was able to find the right words and finally bring this song to life. Finally getting to release it feels like an enormous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I truly feel that I can finally put that chapter of my life to rest once and for all.”

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