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An Emotion-Filled EP out from Javiera Mena

Grammy-nominated Javier Mena has just released her new electro-pop styled EP named “I. ENTUSIASMO” covering a wide array of emotions from eroticism to pain and passion. With the sound of the EP being very reminiscent of Lady Gaga, it follows a very flowy dance beat with soft but powerful lyrics. Following her acclaimed 2018 album “Espejo”, this EP will definitely have you up on your feet in a matter of seconds.

With the first song starting with a very low synthesizer beat and echoing lyrics, it tells the audience that your in for a treat. It steadily starts to pick up and become very bouncy and electronic, which makes you feel like your being transported to a new world. With the echoing of Javier’s lyrics, it accentuates the feeling of going into a new world even more.

Through each song, there is a very bouncy beat that makes you wanna just get up and dance. With appearing at Coachella, her music generates a similar style and vibe to what Coachella stands for. Javier Mena is also a LGBT and feminist activist, trying to use her pronouns and an all-female team, showing support in a very masculine landscaped industry. With her releasing new music even through the crazy times of the covid-19 pandemic, her music is atmospheric and able to create a meaning in each lyric she sings.

Check out her music here

By: Alexa Rose



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