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Andrew Thomases Asks "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone"

Andrew Thomases bring us an upbeat song that makes us want to dance. Then you listen to the lyrics and uncover the deeper message. He tells a story that we all know, but try not to think about. Without getting too one sided, he brings awareness to the growing problem that is the decline of the planet.

The song plays like a report on the resources that are dwindling and the rapid decline of the health of our planet. People talk about it all the time, but does anyone really think about the time when it’s gone? This is a true call to action to bring awareness and hopefully make a change.

Simple and poppy music accompany this heavy topic. Listeners may find themselves caught up in the music and singing along before they realize what they’re singing about. The tempo and tune of the music should clash with the message, but Thomases has a way of making it all mesh together and work so well.

The simple lyric video he put out to accompany the song is full of strong visuals. While the words are coming across the screen, snapshots of the decline of the planet and dome of the causes are highlighted. From smokestacks to deforestation, he covers a wide range of topics in the visuals he presents.

Take a few minutes and watch this video.

By: Amanda Epstein


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