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Aquadolls Drop "Disappearing Girl" In TheMiddle Of Their Busy Summer

The Aquadolls have had a very busy summer. From their appearance at Lollapalooza, Beachlife Festival, and Ohana Festival, it seems like they’re on a roll! On top of a busy show schedule, they still had time to drop a new single, “Disappearing Girl” via Enci Records. Lead singer Melissa Brooks says, “Disappearing Girl” is about not being able to put yourself first while in a relationship. No matter how much the other person wants to reach you they can’t, and you continue to drift apart until the relationship fizzles out into a distant dream.”

Definitely a song I can relate to when I was younger and trying to figure out myself when I was in different relationships. They didn’t work out and I’m in a better place now. So, this song definitely gives me the feels. The music video itself gives me a 90s vibe. As if I was having a sleepover with my girlfriend, talking about our crushes and recording it all on my dad’s vintage VHS camcorder. I highly recommend listening to this song when you’re looking for something chill and mellow to listen to.

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By: Arlene Vivar


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