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Belle Vex Comes In With "US"

Emerging talent Belle Vex encourages us to be our own support system when nobody else will be on uplifting pop track “Us,” carried by a gentle yet catchy instrumentation.

With acoustic guitars and soft beats being the base for Vex’s airy vocals, the track is

stripped back yet layered with all the warmth and comfort we need for our low moments.

Described by Vex as a track “he cares way too much about,” the heartfelt number reminds

us to our own biggest cheerleader in good times and bad.

As someone who has been constantly self-reliant both in and outside music, Belle Vex has never faltering moments in his career or health difficulties from Trigeminal Neuralgia deter him from wholeheartedly pursuing and perfecting his passion for music.

Having been on an inspiring journey himself, growing steadily as he works towards his most ambitious project to date, Belle Vex leaves us in anticipation of what’s to come.

BY: Malvika Padin



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