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Carrie Welling And Alex Wong Release Two Versions To Show The Different Sides Of Mental Illness

Carrie Welling and Alex Wong have teamed up to release two versions of their new single “Monster”. This is a song about facing the monsters inside all of us and using them to fight for yourself. Welling and Wong wanted to create something to highlight, and open a conversation about, the multiple faces of mental illness.

The first version we get is a night version, or the heavier version. This one puts the emphasis on the demons we try to hide or suppress; the versions of ourselves we don’t want to face. The music is strong and comes from the speakers with force. One of the most predominant instrumentals is the bass lines that resonate through the entire song. With the slowdown in the bridge, Carrie’s voice draws you in just before she explodes with the monster energy again.

After listening to the night version, or darker version, of this track, I was very surprised at the lighter version. They both have distinct power to them. This lighter version is focusing on the beauty that the monsters can have when we choose to embrace that part of ourselves. The acoustic version hits with an unexpected intro and the instrumentals building in layers. It is softer, but no less powerful than its partner. The build-up only adds to the vulnerability in Carrie’s voice as she sings about the monster inside us all. This version gave me chills as I listened to it for the first time. It invoked clear images of Carrie standing on a dark stage under a single spotlight in a grand theater; very clear musical theater vibes.

A portion of the ticket sales for the release shoe, being held both in person and virtually, is being donated to Rethink Mental Illness.

Check out Carrie's Spotify and follow her on socials (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

Check out Alex's Spotify and follow him on socials (Facebook, Instagram)

By: Amanda Epstein



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