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Catch a "Hot Killer" in Julia Wolf's newest video

Julia Wolf released her 2nd single, Hot Killer. She took some time to let us get to know her a bit.

Julia has also just played a special charity performance in Los Angeles on July 30 to support the Daughters For Earth campaign, a new campaign powered by One Earth to mobilize women-led climate action worldwide.

What is your favorite gig you’ve played so far?

Webster hall was a big moment for me! Growing up going to concerts there is what made it so full circle. Only a few years ago was I someone in the audience, so to be on that stage years later was a total dream.

What is your songwriting style?

For me it’s always lyrics first, before beat or melody. I’m almost always in my bedroom when I go to write it all out and for the most part once I’ve written something it doesn’t change after that. I always jot down inspiration when it hits in the ol’ iphone note pad if I’m out and about but will save it and wait till I’m home to piece everything together.

Do you have any odd stories about how a song came about?

Actually my latest song Hot Killer came from a dream. One night I dreamt girls were painting the words “Hot Killer” on the front pockets of their jeans and when I woke I just thought that was the coolest title. It took some convincing to actually call myself a hot killer in the song, as that’s not something I would ever ever do, but I figured I need to be able to say it so that people singing along can feel that empowerment I was going for.

How/when did you get your start playing music?

I started in high school! Those were the days of eating lunch alone every day and really keeping to myself. So when my music teacher gave me an ultimatum saying I couldn’t perform in the senior talent show unless the song was original, you can imagine how mortified I was. The thought of letting people hear my opinions on anything almost made me not do it. But my love for playing outweighed the nerves and once I started writing I never stopped. It became the biggest weight off my shoulders, the easiest way to communicate to people while still keeping my distance from everyone.

What is your favorite book/show/movie lately?

Favorite book will forever be Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman and my favorite show is definitely Normal People.

What makes lyrics good?

I think anything that’s relatable qualifies as a good lyric. If it speaks to someone and evokes a feeling out of them then something right is happening.

If you were a musical instrument, what would it be?

Electric guitar but in a Phoebe Bridgers kind of sound

Is there an artist you’ve wanted to see in concert, but never have had the chance?

I would love to see Doja Cat or Ashnikko

What is an object from a movie or tv show you wish existed in real life?

Can I say Edward Cullen’s fangs?

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color are you?

The deepest shade of green that exists.

If you could go open for any artist, who would it be?

Not sure that it would make sense but it’s got to be Jack Harlow.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I’ve just started getting into djing! It’s WAY more complicated than I assumed. I’m also very big into horror novels and movies so you could say I spend a fair amount of my nights doing that.

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