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Cherie Amour Drops “Burn” and Gets Signed To Equal Vision

Cherie Amour drops a music video for “Burn” and announces their signing to Equal Vision. The Baltimore-based band brings their own spin to the alternative community. Trey Miller’s poppy vocals and the rest of the band’s heavier sound mesh well to bring in nu-punk. The opening of the song reminds me of early 90s R&B and when we get into the chorus, we get a havier “Warped Tour” sound. Once you hear the track for yourself, you’ll know what I mean. The accompanying video was my favorite. They recreated a typical horror teen movie scene in a carnival with creepy killer clowns. Overall, it was a very nostalgic video. Speaking about the band’s debut single, vocalist Trey Miller had this to say: “We actually started working on this song in the spring of 2019, and it’s really the first song that got me started on being more vulnerable and examining my flaws in my lyrics. I’ve been in situations where stress caused me to say things out of anger, things I’ve immediately regretted, and sometimes was too prideful to admit we’re wrong. It’s cool to look back at the lyrics and see how this song was really a catalyst to my personal healing/growth process.” Make sure to follow Cherie Amour on all their socials to see what’s to come next.

By: Arlene Vivar


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