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Coming From The Darkside

Oktaf Kanis, is an Indonesian musician, has come back with the single release “Coming From The Darkside”. The single “Coming From The Darkside” was released on August 19, 2022, and this song is a perfect fit to be a hit. The single “Coming From The Darkside” has modern funk rock elements, perfect for rocking on the dance floor, he said. And in the single artwork "Coming From The Darkside" this time Oktaf Kanis collaborated with a model from Milan, namely Giordana Petrucci.

Oktaf Kanis revealed that his latest single “Coming From The Darkside” tells of a woman who comes from the dark side or it could be the negative side of “naughty woman”, and in this song Oktaf Kanis has greeted the woman with the lyrics “Hello, she's coming from the darkside” in the lyrics of the chorus. Previously Oktaf Kanis has released a single titled "My Radio" which was released on June 3, 2022. And after releasing the single "Coming From The Darkside" Oktaf Kanis plans to release an album titled "Another Vision" this year which is an album both of them.

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