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D.O.G Release Their Anticipated EP "ANTI"

D.O.G released their anticipated EP, “ANTI” via Smartpunk Records. The EP itself is a result of their anger from the social and political injustices that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. The EP's first single was "Ignorant," and the lyrics focused on the police brutality, violence, and murders that people of color constantly face in this nation. The heavy riffs combined with the theme of the lyrics give you a call-to-action vibe and stand up for the injustices that we see. Along with the “Ignorant,” they released a music video that made you hyperfocus on their message.

While gearing up to release “ANTI,” they decided to grace us with another single from the EP, “In Memoriam,” with an accompanying music video. This is their comment on the cliche that “thoughts and prayers” have. In reality “thoughts and prayers” do not provide a solution to the thousands of POC lives lost because of police brutality.

The heaviness and overall themes tackled throughout “ANTI” provide the necessary push to fight against the injustices that our fellow POC’s go through on a daily basis. Dominick, the vocalist of D.O.G, has the following to say about “ANTI,” “With the release of ANTI, we hope our message of decency over government is made blatantly loud and clear. For us, writing this record gave us a place and an outlet for our justified anger. We hope listeners get a similar something out of it. We feel like this project will be most fully realized when we can finally get to touring and playing shows with it and actually connecting with people. Hopefully, between now and whenever we can make that happen (maybe this year, if not early next) people can get to know the songs more. We look forward to being absolutely pissed off altogether in person someday.”

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By: Arlene Vivar


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