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Dakuri Comes With Their New Release From Mexico City

Dakuri is a symphonic/progressive metal band from Mexico City, founded in 2019 by Itzi Guadiana (vocals) and Alex Rojo (drums), in order to tell a new story inspired by fantastic worlds, later finding David Macías (bass), and Draven Belmönt (lead guitar), with whom they could share their passion for music and magic.

With 2 years of experience they have released 5 singles. In addition to 1 acoustic EP born from the pandemic with recognized guests on the scene: "Dakuri & Friends". Dakuri has participated in face-to-face events in places such as Boxer Club, Comandancia Metal and Sarina Gastroteca; as well as online events like Theory Of The Bleeding Strings 3, Moshpit fest and at Buck Fest.

Currently Dakuri is about to release “Pt. 1: Navia”, the first part of their debut album, “Into A New Universe”, this June 24, 2022, the same date on which the first edition of Navia Fest will take place together with talents from the metal scene Mexican like Aryem, Inoxia, etc.

Dakuri invites all people from all over the world to discover together with his characters a magical adventure full of incredible creatures in this distant universe called Navia.



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