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"Delito" by Nathy Peluso

By: Victoria Davies

Argentine singer, Nathy Peluso's latest music video 'Delito' (translated in English as 'Crime') has recently caught instant attention and garnered over 10 million views within the first three weeks. The story depicts a woman who's so madly in love with a man that it's illustrated as a dangerous crime. Spoken in Spanish, she expresses her wish to endlessly dance with him forever, igniting a fiery romance between the two lovers.

Sony Music Label professionally did the video. It was clear that they went down a soap-opera inspired direction. There were certain scenes where it was dramatic, There was hair fanning and quick zooms to the face when the characters broke the fourth wall. The movement between the scenes were smooth as it followed the tempo of the beat.

Peluso shot the video in what looks like old motel rooms, dated restaurants, and dingy car parks. They didn't work with highly-produced props or dancers, making the concept feel lowkey, simple, yet effective. As for the colors, the video had a yellow and green-tinted filter throughout the video. It appears as if the two couples were living in an impoverished area, especially when viewers believe that glamour is conveyed through bright and sparkly colors. Instead, the mood and overall vision of this song had the opposite effect.

I believe that the music video accompanied the song very well. It follows the story well and showcases the meaning behind the lyrics. For example, they magnified their dance movements to symbolize the intensity of their love. They showed passionate love to embrace their feelings for one another. They continuously demonstrated how powerful their obsession was to the point it looks emotionally dangerous—going back to a full circle as to why the song's titled crime.

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