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Despite Exile Explore Society’s Shared Trauma In New Single “Custodian”

ost-deathcore band Despite Exile have released their hard-hitting new single “Custodian” on all streaming platforms. The single’s gloomy atmosphere and heavy methodic riffs “take inspiration from the myth of Sisyphus”, a figure from Greek Mythology - famously known from Homer’s Iliad. Despite Exile is carving a name for themselves in the Black Metal scene and beyond by exploring societies subconscious traumas throughout the body of their work.

“Custodian” is a song about trauma and the way it structures the life of both individuals and societies, and about the various mechanisms of defense that come into play in order to contain the forces that the repression of trauma elicits. The song relies heavily on concepts taken from psychoanalysis to explore the theme of vulnerability and the feeling of shared solitude but also takes inspiration from the myth of Sisyphus, describing the long march of humanity as an infinite, grueling task. All of this is conveyed by a relentless combination of gloomy atmospheres, slow-paced heavy riffs and black metal vibes.”

The band had this to say on the music video:

“The video was shot in black and white on a double camera, by using an elevated rotating platform built for the occasion (and to which Jei had to be tied since he's afraid of heights). These techniques perfectly render the sense of disorientation, circularity and anxiety that pervades the song, giving a visual representation to that “rift” carved by trauma.”

Six piece post-deathcore outfit hailing from northern Italy, Despite Exile delivers an elegant blend of rage and fury. Their sound is a mixture of death metal technicality, fast riffs with melodies, epic chants and raging vocals. After a two year break during which they renewed the line up, with the addition of a third guitar player, they’re back with their third single this year, “Custodian”.



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