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Duo group Chain of Islands releases "Shelter"

Chain of Islands explores the dynamics of an overprotective relationship in their latest single “Shelter.” The duo includes Nick Goins and Derek Vautrinot who have developed an interesting pop sound with R&B vocal stylings. Released at the end of March 2021 on major streaming platforms, “Shelter” features a prominent slide guitar as well as many other levels of sound that blend together including the duo’s impressive harmonizing efforts. The song describes the singer’s perspective on his happy yet controlled relationship. He feels happy with his significant other, but also like he has no room to grow as he sings “you told me there’s truth in my scars as proof of my failures.” The singer reflects on the hole he’s been in for 6 months where he was unable to notice his lack of development as he begins to realize it has something to do with the company he keeps. He desires to nourish his own wounds and wants that permission from his love singing in the chorus “don’t make me feel like it’s wrong to shelter my heart on my own, to hold me the way that you would, am i worth it to you.” The question of the song is will his significant other allow him to make his way out of this hole. As he describes his relationship as “exhausting,” we see him moving farther and farther away from his love. The bridge features a beautiful electric guitar that breaks through and feels like the main character of the song. It heightens the emotions of the song much like the singer's emotions are heightened in this realization that maybe you can’t love someone else until you love yourself first. The song makes a turn from a relationship song to a "love yourself" song as he sings about how he must put his needs first. This is a great song to listen to for anyone who feels like the company they keep might be holding them back.

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By: Michaela Norton


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