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Eliana Rubin Sings About Love In "High Rise Levis"

Eliana Rubin is a trans artist who just released “High Rise Levis”. This is a song about unconventional love and wanting the world to know. She sings about how they are each other's “finishing touch” and wanting the world to see their love. Finding that love that makes you so happy, it is like the world belongs to the two of you. That is a theme so universal that many people sing about it. What is different with Eliana, is that her lyrics are down to earth and simple. No over the top gestures, no dramatic moments. Instead, she uses small intimate moments to portray the love in the song.

There is a catchy, and almost techno, sound to the music. It doesn’t overpower her vocals, but emphasizes them. The whole song is simple, but layers elements in a creative way.

Check out "High Rise Levis" here and follow Eliana on her socials

By: Amanda Epstein


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