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Emerging Band, Hand Made House, Releases "Like The Weather"

Independent emerging band, Hand Made House, showcases raw honesty and authenticity to the pop industry, gaining over a million Spotify streams and playing sold-out gigs in Boston. Together, you've got lead vocalist Tucker Click, drummer Josh Nardine, and guitarists Maison Thomas-Eudy and Amin Mortada. Their latest release is called 'Like The Weather', and we're ready to share the good news!

The story is about a boy confessing his lasting feelings for a girl he dated back in high school. Although the narrative strongly alludes to his love for her, he continuously contradicts himself by admitting how he loves and hates her at the same time. The band added lines such as 'I hate you, I swear, but please call me back when he's not there' and 'maybe now I can feel something, maybe I'm still scared of the commitment'. The character demonstrates how he hasn't quite understood how he feels, and he's troubled with moving on. Tucker Click, the sole writer of the tune, explores the character's mind in such a perfectly indecisive manner, it sounds like he's authentically thinking out loud.

The production was by far their best work yet. The guitars were beautifully planned to the sides of the stereo. You can hear the clarity of the strums, which was great. The firm beat in the middle created a solid foundation and provided an essential backbone to the song. Furthermore, the lead vocals sat very nicely in the mix. They added a rock edge to the music by adding double vocal tracks with that distorted 'telephone effect' to it. To me, it brings the boy band feel that I love. Lastly, the backing vocals sung from time to time filled up the space softly.

Overall, the band is truly a rising star. I can't wait to hear what you have next for us!

By: Victoria Davies


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