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Eraste Releases "Crashing Every Party" And Takes Us On A Journey

Texas-based artist Eraste just came out with her new album “Crashing Every party” which echoes the theme of loneliness and fear throughout each song with a catchy beat that not only you can dance too but relate too. Throughout the EP, Eraste goes through a journey of discovering herself. Within the EP, she goes through a journey of different genres, pushing herself to the unknown. With her love of Taylor swift and Lorde, her music style definitely generates the same power to the audience.

In the first song titled the same as the EP, the lyrics immediately grab the audience’s attention with it stating “You can never really know me, cause' I don't really know me." Something, most teenagers and young adults can relate too. It then follows with synthesized beats and a sound of typing on a cellphone keyboard, which is perfectly in sync. With an alternative pop style, this song conveys a feeling of a young adult finally coming into their own.

Overall, each song on the album has its own feel to it, with it also having a feeling of telling a story from beginning to end. Each song has the same underlying theme of trying to find yourself. As a 20-year-old self-taught musician, Eraste wrote about themes that not only her, but her peers can relate too. While these songs have a very meaningful message, the instrumentals have an upbeat tone making it very catchy. With this EP, you will definitely have these songs on repeat.

Listen to her music here

By: Alexa Rose


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