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Erica-Cody Get's Vulnerable In New Single

Irish singer-songwriter Erica-Cody delivers a fierce message around

assumptions and infatuation on melodic production “Love like this,” which

sees handle intrusions into her private life as a public figure with grace.

Co-written by Richey McCourt, the track which came to life after Erica’s stint

on Dancing With The Stars encourages us to shake off what other people

think of you or your life, protect what’s important to you and move ahead in

life, carried seamlessly by her husky but powerful vocals laid over feel-good

rhythms and a sultry instrumental.

Having honed her ability to personal experiences into vulnerable yet

empowering tales that resonate across ages, Erica showcases maturity

beyond her 26 years both in the poignant song writing and her vocal


Speaking of the track and the inspiration behind it, she said: “Sometimes it's

hard to not listen to the outside noise and people's opinions, especially when it

comes to something I find so sacred like relationships. Love Like This was my

first song I wrote coming out of a writing hiatus while taking part in 'Dancing

with the stars'. Being on such a beast of a tv show, suddenly anything I did, or

anyone I spent time with was put under a microscope & assumptions grew

from there.”

With this latest track topping off a year of successes including her Dancing

with the Stars, a co-hosting gig on TV show The Main Stage and impressive

live performances, Erica-Cody continues to channel positivity and creativity

with her infectious artistry.

By: Malvika Padin



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