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Erin Kirby Releases New Track "Bad Luck"

By: Victoria Davies

Soulful pop singer, Erin Kirby, released her latest single 'Bad Luck' featuring Zac Lawson on all streaming platforms. The song is about a girl who believes she's only had bad luck with boys. She sings that 'all my life I've had bad luck, you ain't nothing new to me' to express how she's slowly given up with relationships. She even started the song with 'forty days, forty nights, got it tallied up' which skillfully refers to the famous 2002 movie, 40 Days 40 Nights, about a boy who vows to celibacy for 40 days after a brutal breakup with his girlfriend. Although her lyrics flowed with honesty and authenticity, referring to a classic romantic comedy deepens the emotions. Her story successfully allows the audience to relate to the music more emphatically and embrace the song's defeated nature.

Furthermore, the instrumentation was kept intimate and straightforward. The music consists of a kick, snares, snaps, vocals, layered background vocals, and most prominently a guitar. The simplicity of the instrumentation kept the song candid and focused the audience's attention on the lyrics. It didn't distract the real intention behind the piece, which was exposing Kirby's vulnerability. It was also created at a steady pace and had an overall soft feel to it.

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