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Eves Karydas’ ‘Get Me So High’

By: Victoria Davies

Australian singer-songwriter Eves Karydas, formally known as Eves the Behavior, released her newest single ‘Get Me So High’ on all streaming platforms. She’s currently signed with Dew Process, an Australian record label that’s part of the Secret Sounds Group and distributed by the major label, Universal Music Australia. Born in Cairns, the 26-year old moved to London to pursue her music career. While still releasing her music, she garnered lots of traction from pop celebrities. In 2018, she supported British pop princess, Dua Lipa, on her Australian tour before supporting British singer, George Ezra, on his 2019 Australian Tour.

Her latest track ‘Get Me So High’ was written by herself and two female pop veterans, Madelene Eliasson and Amanda Cygnaeus. It was mainly produced and mixed by Konstantin Kersting, who also worked with prominent names including Tones and I. It’s fair to say she had a superstar team.

The song originated when Karydas was told by someone that ‘being in love is like being given drugs for free’. In a press statement, she claims that she was insecure at the time about her relationship that she was in and relied on her partner to have complete control over her mood. ‘It left me feeling so unhinged,’ she said to NME magazine. ‘The annoying part of it all was that no matter how many lows and red flags there were, I was addicted to the highs. It clouded my vision.’ She believed that this song captures the true essence of girlfriends discussing their relationships together during a hangout.

‘Get Me So High’ is a simple yet highly dynamic song. Thanks to Kersting, listeners can hear the background vocals panned to the side, her vocals intimately present at the front, with the beat and pads sitting nicely behind her voice. It’s almost as if the song was surrounding your head which is the ultimate 3D experience.

Combined with honest lyrics, her music style is very similar to the notable pop artist, Julia Michaels. Her voice also exhibits Ellie Goulding vocal tones, especially when she hits higher notes in the song. I believe the mixture of both influences makes her a true pop artist, ready to bring fresh perspectives on what’s already current in the industry.

Fantastic music, Eve Karydas. I’m ecstatic to hear what you’ve got for us in 2021!


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