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FencerAnnounce Self-Titled Debut Album

The Los Angeles based rock trio, Fencer, have today announced their long awaited self-titled debut album, set to drop on February 3rd, 2023 via Blood Blast Distribution. This marks the band's first self-produced release, composed of 10-tracks and what is considered to be their most authentic work yet. Fans can pre-save the album here.

The album announcement is accompanied by the release of their latest single "Joseph Courtney." You can stream "Joseph Courtney" here. You can also watch "Joseph Courtney" LIVE at Jam In The Van.

Speaking on today's album announcement, vocalist Field Cate shares:

"We are excited to announce our self-titled debut album, "Fencer". This was entirely produced, written, and performed by the three of us. Every sound, every decision, every minute detail. It was all Cameron, Scott, and I. It's Fencer through and through and this is the record we wanted to make. Heavy, soft, silly, sad, raw, emotional. Very blue. We will forever be proud of this project and these songs because it's just us. And it's been all ours for so long, the idea of release something so intimate is really weird. But I'm glad people will be able to hear what we spent those countless hours doing all alone in our little lockout. I hope it invokes some kind of feelign in you when you hear it, whatever that is. It's important to feel."

Speaking on the brand new track,"Joseph Courtney,", vocalist Field Cate continues:

"Oh, well hello! Meet Joseph Courtney. He's angry, sexy, and utterly intense. Able to control a crowd and thrive off the attention. He's a star. Someone and something I aspire to be. A concept that cures my insecurities and allows me to lose a bit of sanity. I like that. He's my alter ego. Why deal with cards I've been dealt when I can just pretend to be someone else? He's perfect. He's Joseph Courtney. You love him."

Not only was "Joseph Courtney" and the upcoming album self-produced, but it was mixed by Henry Lunetta (5 Seconds Of Summer, State Champs, Grayscale) and mastered by Zach Fisher (Weezer, Rancid, Bad Religion). Prior to today's release, Fencer had previously dropped tracks "Junebug", "Sanitarium", and a cover of Morphine's "Buena" which had racked up over 1.5 million listens across all streaming platforms. Be sure to stay tuned for more Fencer news coming soon.

Find Fencer online here



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