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Finn Marlow is Sure to Stick Around with Debut Single “Bubble Gum”

Finn Marlow explodes on the scene with debut single, “Bubble Gum” this UK based artist is already showing expert musicianship and promise, and his ideas coming across loud and clear. Garnering years of experience in an alternative band, Finn Marlow is ready to venture out into a solo project. A self-taught musician and producer, his sound is a hodgepodge of influences combining indie-pop and surf-rock seamlessly. The debut single brings the summer sunshine feelings to the front, making this song as addicting as music can get.

“Bubble Gum” is a fun take on a clingy relationship where Marlow experiments with infectious pop-melodies to tell his story. Cleverly using the imagery of gum stuck to a shoe, Marlow chants “Bubble bubble gum, girl I am so done being stuck to you.” He sings about a messy break-up where he deals with the repercussions of a controlling relationship, and how it can linger far after it is over. Mirroring the melodies that will ear-worm into the listener’s heads, he carefully conveys the motif by creating a hypnotizing and fun product to juxtapose the darker theme of obsession.

If there is one thing that Finn Marlow has the natural ability to do, it’s create a catchy groove. Coining the term “Surf-Pop” he introduces his style with elements of crisp guitars, drum machines, and dreamy keys. The song opens as if it’s the soundtrack to a Malibu movie, quickly gaining momentum with four-to-the-floor drums. His vocal cadence dances in rhythm with the beats, making them work together to emphasize his up-beat melody. Fun and bright, this song promises to create waves in the ocean of indie-pop. Thick with vocal layers, each instrument works together to detonate in the chorus to certify this song as a summer smash hit.

Finn Marlow conveys who he is, and the music he wants to make, with ease. This introductory song is just the beginning of an indie-pop gem who is going to bring surf-rock back to the forefront. Immensely talented and promising, “Bubble Gum” was the perfect debut single to announce his presence on the music scene, and we all should be paying attention. Just like a true candy-coated treat, this song will stick in our minds for many days to come.

Listen to the track here, and support his future endeavors here.

By: Ariha Vaquera


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