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Gareth Dunlop Wants You To "Look Back Smiling"

A song about being at the end of life and looking back fondly. Gareth Dunlop sings this song to his children, in the hopes that they will go through life with no regrets and always with a smile.

The song starts off with some techno beats, then becomes a version of country. The melody of the song is quite catchy and upbeat, but that does not distract from the seriousness and beauty of the song. His voice is reminiscent of the country classics; some gravel and grit while still being smooth and pleasant.

With such a meaningful song, the video needs to match, and Gareth does not disappoint on that. Instead of having adults looking back and reminiscing, as I would have thought when listening, he takes a completely different route. Having his children star in the video gives it a more personal feel. In the opposite lane of using adults, the children go about their morning routine as the adults. Making breakfast, reading the newspaper, and going to work. Complete with packing toys in their briefcase and driving a Power Wheels car to the office.

So when you look back, look back smiling 

Look back smiling 

When you look back, look back smiling

Look back smiling 

Along with this single, Gareth Dunlop is releasing his Album "Animal" due out April 22nd. He will also be hitting the road with Vance Foy to tour this summer.



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