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Gillian Heidi’s New Single Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

By: Caitlin Rose

Whoever said that teenagers don’t know about love has never listened to 16-year-old Gillian Heidi’s newest single “wonderin’ (ft. Michael Christmas)”. Heidi’s versatile vocals tell a story of confusion and heartbreak: “Am I really not like the other girls? Did I really make a difference?”

But you won’t find any sadness in the music behind the lyrics. Instead, you’ll find a catchy beat that had me genuinely grooving along. Honestly, if there’s a real recipient to this song out there, he’s probably dancing, too. Although, he should know, the upbeat sound means he doesn’t matter anymore ;)

A mid-song surprise arrives in the form of Heidi’s featured artist, Michael Christmas. Christmas definitely has skills, and his verse makes the song stand out from the rest of the pop genre. And as quickly as it appears, Christmas’s voice fades out as Heidi pops back in without missing a beat.

An absolute must-listen, particularly to cure the quarantine blues, find Gillian Heidi’s newest single, “wonderin’ (ft. Michael Christmas)” wherever you stream your music.


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