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Gold Hippy’s ‘One on One’ ft. Tayler Green

By: Victoria Davies

It looks like Gold Hippy is back with his most recent single called ‘One on One’ featuring Tayler Green! Born and raised in America, he used to be part of a duo called Wealth Boyz before going solo a few years ago. The 25-year old artist is known for his extensive range of self-taught skills including songwriting, video editing, and artwork designing. He’s passionate about his work and tries to involve himself in the creative process as much as possible. In doing so, he thinks it’s essential to have full control and not solely to rely on others to create his unique art. By his peers, he’s unanimously described as sociable, real and electric.

Gold Hippy’s, One on One, is about two individuals building a fun and loving relationship by bonding one on one with each other. The rapper describes his feelings for her and what they do when no one’s around. From a marketing perspective, the instrumentation currently suits pop standards, and the lyrics are relatable to a wide demographic.

Due to the nature of the genre, they kept the instrumentation relatively simple. Although, the producer, EQ IIIRDEYE, subtly adds to the track’s dynamic by panning various effects to expand the sound. It builds the illusion that the listener is in the room, experiencing the song with the artist. Along with that, the heavy trap beat provides a powerful foundation for the song. It’s combined with a muffled vocal sample that repeats throughout the track to act as a background fill.

For the top line, Gold Hippy’s flow is incredibly smooth. He’s fantastic at evolving his vocal delivery to give it character and excitement. As a result, the song does not drag on and keeps the listeners on their toes. Tayler Green’s laidback vocals also add a fresh vibe to the track. Given that Hippy’s flow is a lot more punchy, it’s rare to hear the female give a chill delivery compared to a man. In a way, the song progresses to diversify talent and showcase a unique style.

Great work on the song, Gold Hippy and Tayler Green. I am excited to hear your EP next year!


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