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Greg Hill's New EP

By: Tyrelle Lee

Greg Hill's Better Love starts off with low-pitched 808 synth bass chords in the first track "Will I Ever Reach You?" Listeners begin to hear the dreamy male leading vocals curated with reverb and echo transitioning. The project stays consistent with a heartwarming message and 'go with the flow' mindset of "swimming down the moonlight" as well as "freeing yourself." Ultimately, Greg Hill illustrates that listeners should follow their heart. Electric rock chords assisted with reverb effects coupled with ambience vocals are noticed throughout the album. Specifically, high octave bells and pad chords are notable in the track "Free Yourself." Tempos tend to stay in the slow-mid range. My favorite track 'Better Love' has excellent rhythm and blues vocal stretches topped with well-structured snare drum and hi-hat cymbal patterns. The main hook, "There's better love than this" gives me as a listener, the feeling of hope and motivation for someone or something significant in my life. The last track '12/9/ has compelling campfire guitar touches and soulful, raw vocal appeal. The abstract cover art for this album is very suitable for this soothing content. Overall, I was very intrigued and inspired by this piece of art curated by Greg Hill, reminding us that there certainly is such a thing as 'Better Love.'


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