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HAAS dives "Headfirst" into 2021

By: Michaela Norton

Singer-songwriter HAAS has released her first 2021 single “Headfirst.” Singing about her musical journey, “Headfirst” pays homage to the “dreamers and believers.” HAAS, based out of Virginia, puts the listener in her shoes as a musician as she sings what it’s like to be on stage - “hands in the air like you just don’t care, but really I do.” You can feel the nervousness and anticipation in her voice as she waits for the crowds’ validation. Just like any musician, HAAS recalls the various moments of criticism. There is a drastic change in tempo leading up to the chorus to deliver the main message of the song - passionate perseverance. Ultimately, we learn that the best way to overcome this feeling and power through the journey is to go “headfirst.” A strong and interpretive comparison, she correlates believing in herself to the sanctuary of church singing “the feeling is my church.” Produced by Clyde Recordings, the sounds and tempo of “Headfirst” add to the theme of HAAS’s journey within music featuring strong electric guitars and powerful drums. The tone of the song is powerful, much like an anthem. “Headfirst” is all about holding onto the feeling that lights the fire inside of you, despite any other mountains you may face. I would highly recommend this song to anyone who is searching for their passion to guide them towards action.


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