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Hanson Rocks In Denver Colorado

On a whim, I decided to meet up with a friend in Denver and see Hanson again. Their show in New Hampshire had me so pumped I couldn't wait for a repeat. Cue a 24 hour trip to Denver to go with a long-time friend to see them in concert at the Paramount Theater.

It was a cold and dreary day as we got there, but the atmosphere and energy from the crowd more than made up for it. We waited outside for a bit before being let in. What's the first stop of the evening...the merch booth. A line that wound down the steps was moving at a pretty good pace and everything was so organized.

I've never been to that venue, but would go back if there was ever a reason. The ambiance in the Paramount Theater was beautiful and we knew were in for a treat. The difference between this one and the last show was the arrangement. Last time was standing room only and this time we had seats. Not that we sat down in them once the show started.

They came out on stage to a technical issue with Taylor's keys. Being the seasoned musicians they are, they didn't skip a beat. While we couldn't hear Taylor, Isaac and Zac kept playing the song as Taylor took over for the backup keys player. They started the song over while the techs were fixing his normal setup. It was a true testament to their professionalism and adaptability on stage.

Since I had seen the show in New Hampshire, I knew what to I thought. It started off the same, but quickly became obvious they were having fun with the set list. Isaac even mentioned that someone asked for a certain song and that's what he played "For Your Love" as his solo. Zac switched up his solo song, too, and played a fan club exclusive track called "Good Days". Taylor stuck with "Save Me", though. That song is so beautiful, and even more so when he starts out acoustically.

Not sure what happened with my camera here, but the image doesn't take anything away from the beauty that is this moment.

Biggest shock of the night was the amount of times Taylor and Zac played different instruments. Taylor on piano is a normal sight. It's becoming more normal to see him away from the piano and on percussion instruments like tambourine and congas. He walked back and got on drums! That was a new and exciting sight for me. Zac took to the guitar and piano, too. Is there anything these guys can't play?

Zac on drums and Taylor on the congas became a brother vs brother percussion drum-off.

They never stopped and neither did the audience. Everyone was singing and dancing along with them like nothing could beat that moment. You can tell the favorite songs, or at least the nostalgic ones. When "MMMbop" started, you would have thought we were all 14 again in the 90's in the middle of Hanson mania.

Roughly three decades of playing music together, these brothers love the stage as much as ever. That is so obvious if you watch them. They're having so much fun on stage and just being in the moment with their fans. Their shows are like one big family reunion and everyone can feel the love and connectiveness in the room.



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