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Honeyfeet and Rioghnach Come Together

Folk powerhouse Ríoghnach Connolly and her Manchester-hailing

companion band Honeyfeet lead us on a versatile folk music

journey on their 10-track album It’s Been A While, Buddy.

Showcasing their signature intricate folk-hop soundscape, the

album is built upon honesty song writing, airy yet strong vocals and

loads of warmth.

The eclectic collection moves from the drama of “Work it,” and

gentler, slowly building sonics of “Border Bodies” to the mischief of

“How Could I,” and so on, while maintaining a cohesive,

collaborative feel throughout the soundscape.

With the ability to capture hearts on expansive festival stages to the

charming intimate audiences with their more stripped back

performances on theatre stages, Conolly and Honeyfeet are an act

you should not be missing out on.

Connect with Honeyfeet : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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