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How Many beers is a Dog Beer?

Hayden Joseph is an artist who is breaking the boundaries of what country music is. The pop-country of the 90's is what he strives for. Lyrics that tell a story and mean something. This latest song, however, is a bit more of a fun track. While it is full of clever lyrics and his signature fun style, it does fall into the popular “songs about beer” category. Dog Beers is a fun song to get up and groove to and celebrate the weekend.

There are many songs out there that count through the number of drinks the singer has had that night, and this is similar but with a humorous twist. It is common knowledge that one year in dog years roughly equates to seven human years. Instead of just counting his drinks, “In dog years, I’ve only had one”.

Such an up-beat song that you can’t help grooving to. Whether you’re dancing in your car, your living room or the bar, this song is sure to get you moving. Its energy is infectious and his humorous take will have you looking at that beer differently. His dog, among others, even join in at the end to give it another level of dimension.

So many of these songs out now center around the main guy at the bar and looking at the women in his surroundings. What is it was at a gay bar and the protagonist in the song was a member of the LGBTQ+ community? Who says gay guys can’t have those wild beer fueled nights.

Let’s head out for a fun summer night with Hayden blasting on the stereo.



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