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Hunter 505 Is Breaking Boundaries

Sydney neo-hip hop/pop act hunter 505 breaks through

gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity on anthemic

production “Paint My Nails,” which balances a carefree vibe

with a powerful message on inclusivity and acceptance.

Taken from his forthcoming album <3, the uplifting

production merges airy vocals over heavy bass and quiet

guitars in a celebratory yet contemplative manner.

Speaking of the track, he says, “As someone who has

become acutely aware of the negative impact of toxic

masculinity on myself and everyone else around me, it is

important to me to push back against traditional gender

stereotypes and liberate individuals to feel comfortable to

fully express their genuine selves.” 

Crafting an intricate mix of lush pop harmonies and edgy

emo sensibilities, the track is ultimately a love story hinged

on gender fluidity and post-modernity.

Delivering one earworm release after the another, built on

themes of love, pride, self-awareness, and mortality hunter

505 leaves us wanting more of his infectious music.

BY: Malvika Padin



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