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In Love with New Single from Comfort Club

Comfort Club is a fresh new find from Los Angeles and his music is a sure fire way to be brought into the world of sunshine and blue skies. With his new single, “you lost me at i love you” the DIY musician explores the use of experimentive guitar melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, creating a product that swells with emotion. A convergence of modern pop with indie-rock, he creates a world of smooth indie listening that anyone can enjoy.

From the intriguing title, “you lost me at i love you” is truly a unique song that strikes a vein of love, loss, and the fear of commitment. The song feels like an end to a beginning, a chapter closing of your favorite book. He chooses his words carefully stating, “And I won’t pretend that we weren’t getting closer, but all good things end, it’s sad but it’s over” He describes commitment in terms of fear, and love in terms of toleration. How long can he last with someone he’s afraid to be with? Truly vulnerable, Comfort Club acknowledges the relief that accompanies trading a risky experience with something safe, something familiar. The song feels like a walk alone in the park in spring, with the cold still lingering, but the promise of a new beginning ahead; the feeling of mourning a loss but choosing to move forward toward the warmth instead.

His production is the perfect topping to his smooth vocal tone. The song opens with ambient guitars under a playful synth-marimba and exhibits his ear for pop tones. We soon discover his guitar playing is his go-to during the song creation, which seems to consistently duet with the vocals throughout the song. Co-producing peer and indie-pop artist Christian French, they lay the foundation of a washed out drum machine, magical sounding synths, luscious pads, and a buzzing bass. The production juxtaposes his sad and nostalgic vocal tone creating a song that goes straight to the heart. We are constantly entertained with new exciting elements being introduced throughout the song, floating in and out of the ambient indie rock we know and love.

Comfort Club is an example of a vulnerable songwriter that can emote in a relatable and heart-breaking way, he has the ability to explain a inexplicable concept, and that is what makes him so special. Comfort Club can make time stand still, and make hard emotions sting less. His music is so easy to get lost in, that an infinity can fill within the three minutes and 8 seconds of “you lost me at i love you.”

Experience the wonder in his new single here, and support his socials here.

By: Ariha Vaquera


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