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In Search Of Solace Annihilate Gatekeepers In New Single “Oathbreaker”

Minnesota Metalcore band In Search Of Solace have released their new single “Oathbreaker” on all streaming platforms via Kontrolla Music Group. “Oathbreaker” calls out the deceivers and gatekeepers who blur the lines between right and wrong. This track features fluid riffs and gut-wrentching vocals that prove to be a rousing showcase of In Search Of Solace’s ability to capture intense concepts through song writing.

“This song is about those who sign on to do their so-called “civic duty” yet break their promises to serve themselves. When the lines between right and wrong, and good and evil blur, it becomes hard to know who really has our best interests at heart. We’re living in a time where those who are in control do the bare minimum to lead and better a nation.

So long as they can claim to be on the opposing side of the political spectrum, their words are uninspiring, and their actions carry no weight. There is no longer accountability and responsibility for failure. No clarity on who to trust, because after all, they are but two sides of the same coin.” - Jonny LaDuke

Born and bred in the cold Midwest, the band is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After accomplishments such as playing the legendary First Avenue and headlining packed hometown shows, the group went on to tour internationally. Extensive DIY and support tours ensued including opening for Of Virtue, Earth Groans, and more. Returning from the road, the musicians took the energy from the stage to the studio and dove into writing and recording what would become The Endless Ache.

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