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BROOKLYN, NY | OCTOBER 14, 2022: Dreamy, poppy and eclectic duo, Tiny Ghosts, released their creatively catchy and self-aware single “What For?” today on all streaming platforms. Highlighting the introspective questions we ask ourselves, the new single creates a synergy that elevates the meaning of the track’s core. Swirled with its fuzzy guitarwork, and the dream-like pulse of lead singer Dayan Marquina — “What For?” instantly reels listeners in what feels like pure dopamine. The track’s foundation is awe-inspiring, as guitarist Eric Morgan shares that the single marks the first-time the duo has collectively recorded together in person since Tiny Ghosts’ formation.

"I'm super proud of 'What For?' because it's the closest we've got to capturing the sound and emotion in our heads to tape. It was also the first time we got a chance since starting TG two years ago to actually be in the same studio at the same time which just felt amazing. We brought in a new producer, Jesse Clasen (Foreign Air, HRVRD), who is fantastically creative and nailed the mix better than what I even had in my head." - Eric Morgan, guitarist of Tiny Ghosts

Following the release of the track is a hazy, sunlit music video directed by Hudson Hower that perfectly ties the atmosphere Tiny Ghosts emulates in “What For?”.

"This is the first video we have ever done together, this video will always symbolize how special it is to be together in person after always working on projects long distance or on zoom calls. Playful and full of feeling, we gave it our all." - Dayan Marquina, lead singer of Tiny Ghosts

Forever kindred spirits, the dream-pop duo Tiny Ghosts anchor melancholic anthems against shimmering layers of synth and guitar. Starting innocently as two friends emailing tracks back and forth, the project quickly evolved into an obsessive passion to build out their sonic world — growing as fervently as their friendship began many years ago.

A few years after moving from her hometown in Peru, Dayan attended her first stateside concert seeing Days of the Phoenix era AFI in a tiny but packed North Carolina punk club. At the show, she met another dork named Eric, and instantly the two connected over a shared love of early-aughts emo (Further Seems Forever, Thursday, Midtown..) and unknowingly kicked off an inseparable lifelong bond.

One day years later, coming off long stints in the hardcore and metal circuit with A Hero A Fake (Victory Records) and Brigades (Pure Noise Records), Eric sent a simple text “Would you want to put vocals on this?”. Fast-forward a couple of years and many uncut demos later, the two had shaped the dark, dreamy, but energetic sounds in their heads into the first batch of Tiny Ghosts songs.

Listen to “What For?” on all DSPs today, and watch the official music video on Tiny Ghosts’ YouTube channel.

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