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It’s All “Blue Skies” for Alex Angelo

In his latest release, “Blue Skies”, Alex Angelo takes us down a road of heartbreak and turmoil. This is for all those people who have been cheated on or hit their end. When that ex comes crawling back and you know it is not “Blue Skies” with them. He knows that staying involved with this person is not a great idea and makes a stand for what he needs.

“Tell me why you walk in the door and throw your bags on the floor, and just expect me to let you stay the night”. It takes a strong willed person to know when enough is enough and to put their foot down. So many people can relate to this theme, and use this to empower them.

A topic such as this could come in with a ballad, or a heavy hitting rock number, but Alex takes it in a different direction. What starts as a pop number with a heavy electronic element, becomes a well-rounded pop-dance track. The strong bass lines punch in adding a layer to the chorus that elevates it to a whole new level.

Alex is a rising pop artist who is quickly making a name for himself after touring with acts such as Fifth Harmony, Austin Mahone and Shawn Mendes.

This is an artist you’re going to want to keep on your radar.


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