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Jay Edwards ‘Can’t Stop Us’

By: Victoria Davies

Rock singer, Jay Edwards, just released his latest single ‘Can’t Stop Us’ across all music

platforms. The emerging talent is based in Los Angeles and continues to grow as a rock artist since his first release ‘Here’s to the Firsts’ in 2015. Although he is currently unsigned to a label, Jay is an individual every A&R scout should look out for!

His new release ‘Can’t Stop Us’ brings a fiery impact. He announced on Instagram that he

worked with multiple collaborators including Levi Benjamin Downey and Samantha Boone. He produced the song himself and cranked the drums and bass to drive the entire piece. Specifically, the guitars are a powerhouse of its own, charged with multiple melodies panned both to the right and left.

To accompany the heavy production, the lyrics empower the listeners with confident and

devilish rebellious lines such as: ‘we got the money, they take the blame, we got the power, and they play the game, we got the devil, and they’re up in flame, we’ll take their fortune and their fame’. It is quite the marching song for the true rock lovers.

He also did a lot of vocal production to emphasize the lyrics further. For example, the telephone effect during the verses adds a husky flavour to the song, really mixing his vocals well to the guitar amps. My favourite vocal add-on is the dark, wicked ad-lib at 1:20. To me, it’s very fitting to the nature of the song. His background vocals for the choir ‘ooh’ and harmonies also really thickens and supports his voice. It is a great indication to hear how the song would sound with a live crowd singing along to Jay.

All in all, an empowering confident song that everyone can bob their heads to. Well done, Jay Edwards!



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