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Jess Olson Band reflects on 2020 in song

Debut single, What’s Next, from The Jess Olson Band is due out November 24th. Jess Olson is the lead singer of the band with Jesse Rutstein (lead guitar), Seth Cedars (drums), Alec Fillebrown (bass) and Dustin Deslauriers (rhythm guitar) rounding out the music behind her. This group, based out of New Hampshire, may be a country band, but their sound has underlying influences. Their sound is an amalgamation of country, pop, rock, and reggae influences. It all comes together to create a sound that is country with something extra.

This song aims to address the issues facing the world in 2020 and the views people have. The world is flooded with information from every outlet and angle, and the band reminds us that it doesn’t have to be “real just because people put it on a screen”. The whole world is dealing with the same pandemic and sometimes it is easy to forget we are not alone. Jess seeks to reinforce the notion that we are all in this together, even though sometimes that feels like the farthest thing from the truth.

“I’m not living in fear

And neither should you

All in this together

It’s true”

There is a good, strong beat to start out the track, with emphasis on the guitar. Then Jess comes in with the vocalizations, leading into the rest of the song. Stylized vocals and thought provoking lyrics elevate the song into something unexpected. While definitely a country song, there are strong nods to pop music woven into the underlying music.

Olson and Rutstein have written a song that hits hard lyrically by talking about things going on in the world around us and touching on topics that people don’t like to think about. One of the biggest themes running through the song is about not complying with the way the world is. It is up to each individual to learn the truth behind everything and make up their own minds about things. The media, and other influences, crowd our lives with conflicting information.

This song will be out on November 24th to reflect on the state of the world in a fun way.


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