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Josh King’s ‘The Shed’

By: Victoria Davies

Released: 20 November 2020

A brilliant folk-rock album called 'The Shed' by Josh King was recently released on Spotify this month. Based in North Carolina, the singer-songwriter is known as the local favourite from the groups the Ends, House of Fools, and Roseland. After releasing his Americana guitar-rock LP 'Into the Blue' in 2018, he came back again with incredible songs to finish off the year. You can find him on his Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with his music.

On his latest Instagram post, he recently thanked numerous people for helping with the album. Those included are 'Jack Foster, Mason Keck, Joel Henry Kiser, Frank Julian Sizemore, Philippe Bronchtein, Josh Coe, Greg Herndon, Jordan Powers, and Tommy Scifres for writing and recording their parts in their home studios'. He also thanked 'Mark Brown for taking the time to mix' the project. Finally, he thanked 'Todd Turner for taking pictures of [his] ugly mug and putting the cover art together.'

The general nature of the latest album is very relaxing. He starts the album with an old-school recording of his father, Lex Tindol, singing with a piano as accompaniment. It continues to his album single, 'Man on TV', which was released on October 16, 2020. The song narrates a young man's life during a lockdown, linking the story similar to the current pandemic and its effect on the global population. Following his single are On My Own, Doing Time, Side By Side, and Give Up on Love. Although the majority of his songs explore darker themes such as loneliness, he keeps the rhythm and tempo relatively light for his listeners.

Overall, the album is incredibly produced, and the lyrics are well-written. Fantastic job, Josh King!


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