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June Reminds Us Of Friendships

Rising pop act June brings melancholia and elation together on lush 80s

pop track “Replace Me,” a coming-of-age anthem that delves into

friendships from our growing up years.

Encapsulating the fleeting friendships we strike up through our

childhood, the nostalgic track is led by sweet yet powerful vocal lines

over a joyful yet heartfelt soundscape, with poetic song writing tracing

the ebbs and flows of our mood when thinking back on friendships of the


Hailing from a family of musicians, Jaime Webster has developed a

musical identity of her own unburdened by the pressures of upholding

any legacy and instead working to build a strong space for herself in the

pop music scene under the moniker of June – with this infectious yet

thoughtful number she succeeds in making quite the impression.

Connect with June : Facebook | Instagram



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