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Kadebostony Wants To Bring A Sense Of Hope With His New Release

By: Michaela Norton

DJ/Producer Kadebostany Guillaume de Kadebostony, also known as President Kadebostan, the president of his conceptual republic, has released his feature single “Take Me To The Moon” from his upcoming EP “Drama - Act 2.” The song features Valeria Stoica, a singer from the small country of Moldova, and was written at the beginning of the international lock-down we all went into. “Take Me To The Moon” is about wanting to leave our “cold world,” or earth, for a better world, or the moon. Kadebostany told American Songwriter Magazine that “beyond the melancholy, there was a desire to bring a touch of hope.” The song’s lyrics reflect that exact intention as Stoica sings “wanna change, wanna cry, wanna say that, that you care, but instead please take me to the moon.” Kadebostany and Stoica take you to a dream-like world where one is “safe laid on the floor.” As an acoustic guitar plays an upbeat riff, the tempo of the song is relaxed. Mixed with Stoica’s subtle vocals, the song’s dreamy tone takes you to that place away from earth.

The song is accompanied by a music video that was directed by Hasan Kuyuco. The music video features many of Switzerland’s beautiful landscapes. It starts in a hilly field with Kadebostany in a catatonic state, sitting at a table, as Stoica approaches the tables and glances out into the field. The scenes rotate between the two in the field, in a bathroom, on a boat, in a place, all while Kadebostany remains in this catatonic state. This video emphasizes Kadebostonay’s intention behind the song. He remains almost dead-like while Stoica guides him through life. Though the song may allow all types of interpretation, the “Take Me To The Moon” music video will help the viewer understand the dreamy vision Kadebostany saw as he produced the song.


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