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Kavanagh Lets Us Know About Citizen 202

By: Amanda Epstein

The new release from Kavanagh takes listeners back to the 90’s with their alt-rock sound. Citizen 202 was just released on March 26th.

Kavanag is a 5-piece rock band based in Brighton, in the UK. They’ve toured around the UK and their latest release was included in the upcoming movie Vegan Vampires of Zorg.

As soon as the song starts, a guttural sound comes right at the listener. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the beginning of the crescendo. The drum beat comes blasting through the speaker to transport you to another world. Intense guitar riffs flow through the song to punch it up to another level.

The whole song has a vibe and sound reminiscent of Nirvana. The vocals have the same tone, versatility and range. Kavanagh finds a way to mix melodic lines with stronger accents to create a rocking sound.

While this is a short track, at just under two minutes, it packs a punch. It will leave you asking who, or what, is Citizen 202.

Check out this track



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