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Kize Bae Lifts Us Up With "1000 Paper Cranes"

Austin-based, Korean-American musician Kize Bae delves into wishes and hopes on

uplifting track “1000 Paper Cranes", which pays ode to the bravery of young children battling terminal cancer. Infused with hope, love and joy, the slow-burning blend of lush indie-pop and catchy hip-hop led by Kize’s soaring vocals draws inspiration from a Make A Wish Foundation documentary video.

Lyrically a warm and encouraging homage to all people going through hardships, the track is accompanied by a music video, which shows Kize’s journey to making 1000 paper cranes, ultimately leading to an installation of the same at Make A Wish Foundation’s annual gala. With the money raised from her auction going into making a wish come true, the intent and purpose of this inspirational track comes to heart-warming fruition.


Starting her journey as a YouTuber and falling in love with song writing through a

spontaneous challenge in 2020, Kize has effectively mastered the ability to bring catchy

music together with powerful lyrical narratives. With an added advantage of being fluent in both English and Korean, Kize Bae’s musicality is one that resonates with anyone listening.

BY: Malvika Padin



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