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Let Emily Myers "Unwrite Every Song" For You

Starting off with a strong and combining beats throughout the song, Emily brings powerful emotions out in her latest track. With strong visuals in her lyrics, she bring an emotion to the song. Emily manages to bring in Taylor Swift vibes and keep it true to herself.

The video is simple and well thought out. While she sings about unwriting songs, she's writing things in a journal that may be used to keep track of her thoughts. Sometimes you go through things in life that you may not want to deal with at the moment. These little tests and trials come together to create who you are.

Would you be the same without them? Would you unwrite your past in order to forge a new path? What would you give up in your past in an attempt to change the future? These are the questions that this song asks.

I got the opportunity to see Emily perform this song with her co-writers, Amanda McCarthy and Tom Shubsda, earlier today. The video and recording of this song do not capture the raw emotion and power in her voice as she sings. When Amanda jumped in to help her sing thins, it added a whole new level to the already wonderful performance.

Follow Emily to see what she's got coming next...little don't have to wait long



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