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Liz Bills released her new single,“Wi-Hi”, into the world. It is off of her upcoming sophomore album

By Amanda Epstein

Liz Bills released her new single, “Wi-Hi”, into the world. It is off of her upcoming sophomore album, expected to be released later this year.

This year has seen many changes to various aspects of life. This song touches on the fact that people are glued to screens, now more than ever. Whether it be because of online learning, working remotely, streaming concerts, or just simply being stuck at home. She sings about being “Wi-Hi” and “altering psychology” from being so attached to the internet. There is a real risk of having a system overload, as she says, from all of the stimuli being thrown our way.

Right now is a great time for this song to come out. It seeks to remind us to disconnect and find ourselves again. By asking questions like “does life even happen if I don’t go Facebook live?”, Liz asks us to look at how we classify life.

Liz was joined by her roots band, The Change, on the track produced by Sean McLaughin of 37Ft Productions. Liz Bills and The Change were recognized as Roots Act of the Year in 2019 from the New England Music Awards.

The track is full of upbeat melodies, toe-tapping guitar beats, and thought provoking lyrics. With her soulful voice, Liz sings the truth. She is a multi-talented singer/songwriter. Her voice has a unique raspiness to it, and can make interesting vocalizations come out. Her songs are heartfelt and raw, all while being distinctive and smooth.


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