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Liz Borden remakes "I Don't Believe In Heaven"

By: Amanda Epstein

Liz Borden took a song originally by Cherie Currie of the Runaways, and made it her own, all while staying true to the original. Twenty years after the original release, Liz comes and gives the song new life. This new version has more layers of music behind Liz's voice. Cherie Currie helped Liz to produce the cover, adding to the magic.

The latest version of "I Don't Believe in Heaven" will be out on March 3rd, along with a music video. The video that comes with the track was filmed by Liz with Sarah Fitzpatrick, and she edited it together, too. Talk about a woman of many talents.

The song has a great beat and makes the listener want to get up and just enjoy it. It will make listeners want to root for the villain.

We had the opportunity to chat with Liz about this release and how she approached it.

RMM: You’ve got a new song coming out called “I Don’t Believe in Heaven”. This was written by Cherie Currie of “The Runaways” and Tony Artino. What is this song about?

LB: The song is about an outlaw. Wanted and on the run. In our case a female outlaw which will be made clear in the video. She knows she has bad and has no need or want for redemption. I like her actually. A female villain always rocks!

RMM: This song was written by Cherie. What made you want to record it?

LB: Cherie made me want to record it. I was talking to her about recording a different artists song and she said, listen to this. Record this one. I Listened and loved it right away. She had a version of her singing it and it kicks ass. I had big shoes to fill. I wanted to kick my performance up on this song for many reasons. The first it being her song. The second, she trusted me to record her song. As a songwriter that's a big deal to me. Also it was a challenge and I am very competitive with my self. I have been doing this so long I need challenges. I had to find the right musicians and they had to be spot on. Perfectly in the pocket. Cherie had lots of input and the input she gave me was right on. She had me fix a couple things and she was right. It made me work harder. I am going to sound like an ass but honestly there are not a lot of people I take advice from in this biz. And to clarify that, I usually do my own songs. Write them, produce them, perform them and arrange them. When I do a cover it’s usually something from the 60s or 70s and I put my own spin on it. So with this I went in open minded. This was the perfect song and it was so good I wanted to follow what was there. Cherie really knows music in and out and I really respect her opinion not only musically but in every day life.

RMM: You’ve known Cherie a while. How did you two meet?

LB: We are sisters from many lifetimes ago. We met through years of music and clicked right away. In life and in various music projects. We have always known the same people. We have had many of the same experiences. Its nice to have someone you have so much in common with musically and as a friend. Also so many things in common in life. Also we are very supportive of each other in the music biz. That's hard to find.

RMM: Have you girls worked on anything else together?

LB: We have. We worked in the studio on a song called Bad Ass with members of Stormstress. We have played shows together and i have worked with her on the business side also. Various projects. It will all be ongoing when i see gigs or projects that i think work for Cherie.

RMM: It’s great that you guys have kept in touch over the years. Rocker girls have to stick together.

LB: Unfortunately that is not always the case. Its super special when you find that. Keep the good ones in your life. It can be a cut throat biz.

RMM: Do you have a different process for recording between a song you wrote and one written by someone else?

LB: Yes a very different process. I have not recorded that many of other peoples songs. I have some covers here and there but as far as Cherie and Tony's song, I wanted to show the deepest respect for it. I wanted to live up to that greatness of that song. I was prepared when I went in the studio. I picked the best musicians and put a lot of time and care into it. Like I said earlier I was being trusted with that song.

With my own songs, anything goes. Anything can happen. Hey they’re my songs. I really only have to answer to myself. I want them in the end to be really good but i love songwriting and the creative process is one of my favorite parts. I record at home and also at The Den Studios with my partner in crime and music Doug Batchelder. Lately I have been recording at home and with Doug in the studio. We also send tracks and songs back and forth. I have a group of favorite musicians that i like recording with. There have been times where its just Doug and myself playing everything. I like to bring in Tommy Leger on drums when we need a drummer.

On I Don’t Believe In Heaven, Cherie Currie and Tony Artino’s song I have:

Steve Latanision on Fiddle

Tommy Leger on Drums

Doug and I on everything else

The song is Produced by:

Doug Batchelder

Cherie Currie

Liz Borden

The video:

Filmed by:

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Liz Borden

Edited by Liz Borden

Cover artwork by:

Isaac valiente


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